I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I moved to Florida after graduating college, where I attended an audio engineering school.
I quickly started teaching audio & video production and that lasted for a couple of years.

Looking for a bigger city and a change of life, I headed north to the first large city which was Atlanta, GA, and have made it home for many years now.

I have a husband and we’ve been together since April of 1999 and legally married since July of 2015. Our wedding photo!
We live in a suburb just north of Atlanta with our spoiled-rotten dog Abby, who has been with us since 2010 and Berkley, whom we adopted from the shelter in November of 2015.


I've always felt that I didn't quite fit in any of the groups, activities, teams, and even my own family at times. I've always felt like the odd-man out. I'm not saying that for sympathy - quite the opposite. I've grown quite comfortable being on the outside, looking in and have learned to cherish it.