Randal R Cox

Life is short. Live well and laugh at yourself.

Living a transparent life

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time. Honestly, it is just a part of a larger issue that I have been spending a lot of time pondering. That issue is why I’m not living a transparent life & how I can have transparency as a life-long goal, let alone why I might even want to… First and foremost, I’m not a writer nor do I fancy myself anyone that deserves to be heard by the masses (that’s never been who I am or what is important to me), however I have been feeling the need to put some things down on paper (and digital paper appeases my tech-nerd senses). Writing it out and committing it to the ether is a way for me to deal with it and let it go to some extent and right now in my life that holds a wonderful promise for me.
This will give me the ability to acknowledge my opinions/thoughts/ideas whether they be agreeable or not and they may change, contradict themselves at times and may seem insipid. That’s all part of me and I’m not perfect, nor do I think I am.
You the reader may not agree and that’s fine. I’m going to allow comments, but I do maintain the right to delete comments if they irritate me too much. If we can have an intellectual discussion regarding our differences I’m all for it, however I won’t tolerate the discussion getting carried away. My Blog, My Rules - Deal With it, or Don’t. That is your choice. This is primarily an exercise for me.

If you’d like to read on… welcome!