Randal R Cox

Life is short. Live well and laugh at yourself.

I have been involved with photography almost all of my life… picked up the passion for it at a very young age. For a few years, I tried it as a full-time profession when I needed a break from the corporate grind.
I soon found that when it became a job, I spent more time working on the business of photography while the passion for it took a complete back seat… It was a lesson well learned.
Now, I find time for it when I want to and am able to enjoy it tremendously.


Even with a degree in video production, I haven’t used it much in later years… but lately have had fun working on a few things.
You can see them here:

House Renovations
We also have been renovating a house since 2015.

Not everyone knows that I’m a huge tattoo fan. Here are a few of mine.