Randal R Cox

... my view from the outside.

I have been involved with photography almost all of my life… picked up the passion for it at a very young age. For a few years, I tried it as a full-time profession when I needed a break from the corporate grind.
I soon found that when it became a job, I spent more time working on the business of photography while the passion for it took a complete back seat… It was a lesson well learned.
Now, I find time for it when I want to and am able to enjoy it tremendously.
Even with a degree in video production, I haven’t used it much in later years… but lately have had fun working on a few things.
You can see them here:
I’ve never been one that felt like I had to renovate a house… that was never something that I sought-out to do. My parents did it every few years as my older brother and I were kids… so I grew up around it. Buy a house, fix it up, sell it, buy a house, fix it up, you get the picture.
Tony and I just bought (what we truly hope and plan to be) our final house… and it needed some heavy-duty reno. We bought it from a truly wonderful elderly lady and we were quite happy to get it. First time in many years we walked in and said, “This is home”.
Our very close friend and awesome designer, Alan Graham with ‘The Fresh Look’ had a WHOLE lot to do with this… He is amazing.

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